The Next Generation Technology for Scoliosis Patients

Breakthrough Device Designation for both EOS and AIS from FDA

3D Growth Guidance Rod System

CurvRITE = Curve + Right 
We correct the CURVed spine to physiological, nature curvature which is the RIGHT way 
by using our proprietary 3D correction technology, 
while traditional 2D distraction corrects the CURVed spine in a compromised way 
which causes Flat back syndrome, another abnormal condition.

The Problem

More than 30000 patients accept scoliosis correction surgeries each year in the US alone? Such surgeries are highly invasive and require multiple efforts to keep the spinal growth. There is a highly unmet clinical need for treatment that provides both good correction and spine growth with fewer surgeries and less trauma.  

Our device CurvRITE is a game changing implant system that corrects the curved spine in just a single surgery and allows spine to grow noninvasively under the guidance of our device. 

How Does CurvRITE Work

CurvRITE corrects curvature during initial surgical implantation through 3D correction  

CurvRITE enables spine growth noninvasively through socket structures with an anti-rotation mechanism. Spine grows along CurvRITE's guidance rod.

3D Multi-segment Growth Guidance Rod

Follow Growth Guidance Concept

3D Correction

Compatible with Existing Pedicle Screws

CurvRITE Advantages

Significant correction improvement
Correction efficacy in one surgery is better than multiple surgeries with existing devices.
No adjustment surgeries/treatments needed
Potentially completely eliminate the most invasive and riskiest spinal surgery - the final correction and fusion surgery
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